Sahara Rain


The singer and recording artist drew the attention of producer Biff Watson and some of the industry’s top vocal coaches shortly after her arrival. Now 14, Sahara Rain is writing and recording her own songs, the first steps in a career many believe will be noteworthy. 
“I was asked to accompany Sahara Rain on a recording and realized right away how talented she is,” said Watson, also a member of the Country Music Association Board of Directors, who met Sahara Rain at the famed Blackbird Studios. “She has the pure pitch and tone that a producer longs for in a singer, an emotional delivery, and a personality that makes her a joy to be around.” 
Watson has helped Sahara Rain record her first songs, poignant and introspective pieces that display a deep and empathetic understanding of life for someone so young. Taking cues from musical heroes as diverse as Karen Carpenter and Carrie Underwood she’s aiming for something more than la-la-la love songs and saccharine-sweet ballads that often dominate a teen singer’s repertoire


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