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Rock N' Roast Blend
$22.00 (SOLD OUT)


Rock On The Road Coffee Company

   Have a rockstar morning with Rock On The Road Coffee Company! Our coffee is an organic, micro-roasted blend of Colombian and Honduran beans with natural hints of caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate. The beans are sourced and roasted in Comer, GA, a small town outside of Athens. Comer Coffee was founded by like-minded musicians and singer-songwriters,  Kalen and Aslyn Nash. Their goal is much like music, to source avenues and collaborations to stay creative, to employ artists of all kinds, to make delicious third-wave coffee more accessible to everyone, all the while committing to have fun and keep quality and passion front and center.

    Our coffee company was established by Ohana’s entrepreneurial class in conjunction with Rock On The Road and is entirely student-led. Our product is packaged, designed, marketed, and sold by Ohana students. 100% of our profits will be going to support Ohana's Rock On The Road music program. 

    The program allows students to find their unique passions within the music business and performance industry. All proceeds will assist in funding the annual student-led spring tour where the band will travel around the country playing at various schools to share our love for music with other students. 

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