Caelin Reeves 

Caelin Reeves is a 17 year old musician from Miramar Beach Florida.  Being a musician has been a big dream of his since he was a child, and he has made that dream a reality by learning how to play guitar. He has also been playing in the Rock On The Road program for four years. He enjoys playing for schools, and at restaurants, festivals. He also had the opportunity to play a show at Full Sail college where the students set up, recorded, and filmed the performance. He has recently released his first single to Apple Music and Spotify called “In My Mind” in 2019.


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Rock on the Road is an integral part of music education at Ohana Institute, a non-profit school located in Inlet Beach, Florida. The program is built upon the idea of experiential student-led learning. The music business is a very unique and ever-changing industry where experience is the key. Our students are not only encouraged, but expected to take initiative and dive into the music business, exploring many outlets that the industry has to offer.


When students join the program, they are given nine months to organize a fully-funded ten-day tour. During these nine months, they play gigs throughout the year at festivals, clubs, and schools in preparation for the tour. The goal of this unique curriculum is to ensure that each student is able to explore many aspects of the music industry from songwriting and performing concerts to booking gigs, managing artists, stage design, music production, and coordinating full-on music tours down to every small detail.


Founded by Jonathan Mitchell, the band director of Ohana Institute, Rock on the Road provides students with everything they need to explore the music industry and get a taste of what it is like to be a professional musician. Each year we write and record at least one song for a non-profit organization, and perform at several schools across the South in order to share our passion for music and education.