Rock on the Road began with an idea from Jonathan Mitchell, the Ohana Institute music teacher, when he saw the hard work and passion the students put into music. Jonathan wanted students to learn every aspect of the music industry firsthand, sparking the idea for Rock on the Road. Over the years, students became more involved with Ohana Records and helping out at school concerts.

     In the fall of 2015, the Rock on the Road program was created, and it gave students the opportunity to put together a music tour. The students in this program have been working on managing, financing, production, fundraising, design, merchandise, music, and so much more. 

     As a part of this unique opportunity, all students who participate in Rock on the Road will be going on a tour in the spring of 2017 throughout the Southeastern United States. Not only will the students perform at various venues, but they will be giving back and sharing their love of music with organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, ArtsQuest Festival, and Rock by the Sea. We hope that this amazing opportunity is available for many years to come!